Dekadrachm of Syracuse / One of the thirty pieces of silver

Item Code MG 034

A pendant made from a silver coin, the dekadrachm (ten-drachma) of Syracuse, set in a gold mount with a suspension loop. The front face shows a female head surrounded by four dolphins, possibly Arethusa or Persephone. The reverse shows a chariot pulled by four horses and a charioteer. The goddess of victory Nike flies overhead to crown the charioteers head with a wreath. This coin is reputed to be one of the so-called thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying Christ. This belief comes from the Middle Ages. The gold band surrounded the coin is inscribed with: Quia precium sanguinis est [This is the price of blood]. The coin is Greek, Sicilian or Southern Italian; the mount medieval.

Object Details

Artist / Designer /Maker Euainetos (possibly)
Object Type Currency
Materials Metal