Artist Conversation with Caoimhghin O Fraithile

/Artist Conversation with Caoimhghin O Fraithile

Artist Conversation with Caoimhghin O Fraithile

Wednesday 25th July 2018 - Wednesday 25th July 2018
Every month, Naomi O’Nolan, Head of Collections & Exhibitions, chooses one artist as Curator’s Choice. A piece of work by the artist is put on display at the Hunt Museum for a month, and Artist Conversation is given by the chosen artist.
Curator’s Choice for July is Caoimhghin O Frathile, and he will be giving a talk about  his artistic practice, on Wednesday the 25th of July at 12pm. 
To learn more about Caoimhghin O Frathile, click the button below, or visit the Hunt Museum where a piece of work is displayed for the month of July.
No booking required. All are welcome. 
Curator’s Choice

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