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Artist Conversation Series

Wednesday 20th December 2017 - Wednesday 28th February 2018

Join us at the Hunt Museum for an informal discussion with these artists where they will talk about their artistic practice. This is a great way to meet professional artists and be able to ask them questions about their work in a friendly and relaxed environment.


Pawel Jasinski – Wednesday 13th of December 11am

Pawel Jasinski was born in Poland and went on to pursue Sacred Art studies in Krakow. He is an internationally-exhibiting artist who strives to portray a diverse world in oil paint and watercolour, often placing large women at the centre of his work as symbols of fertility and maternity. Pawel currently lives and works in Dublin.









Clare Hartigan – Wednesday 31st January 11am

Clare Hartigan grew up in Castleconnell and is a graduate of LSAD. Her drawn style of painting is inspired by the consistency of printmaking bitumen. The seemingly-spontaneous application of paint seen in her work reflects the paint-dripping technique associated with the work of Abstract Expressionist, Jackson Pollock. Combining personal experience and current affairs, Clare’s current body of work ‘Red Ribbons and other Stories’ is deeply rooted in Limerick and the Shannon River.







Cindy Fogarty – Wednesday 28th February 11am

Cindy Fogarty was born in Limerick where she continues to live and work. Her practice incorporates a variety of media, with a focus on painting, and its illusionary qualities. Her work attempts to broaden the definitions of contemporary painting, using the architectural spaces we occupy to create an immersive visual experience for the viewer.





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