Imagery in 20th Century Irish Tourism Promotion

/Imagery in 20th Century Irish Tourism Promotion

Imagery in 20th Century Irish Tourism Promotion

Thursday 19th July 2018 - Thursday 19th July 2018
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This lecture by Noel Campbell of the National Museum of Ireland will explore the vital of painting and photography in the promotion of tourism in 20th century Ireland. In a pre-television age, travel companies were restricted in what message they could convey through travel postcards, posters and guide books. Through the use of early photography and artwork from well-known artists such as Paul Henry, Ireland’s renowned tourist locations were offered to the world.
Noel Campbell is the senior Assistant Keeper at the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life in Mayo. Noel is a graduate of NUIG and UCD and holds a degree in history and archaeology. He is the author of A History of Castlebar: Municipal Government 1613-2014 (2014). Recent exhibitions curated by Noel include Come Back To Erin: Irish Travel Posters of the 20th Century (online), The Enemy Within: The Spanish Flu in Ireland 1918-1919and Preserving the Peace: Policing on the Island of Ireland 1814-2014.
Images courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland 

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