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Niamh Brown – Object of the Month

Tuesday 1st August 2017 - Thursday 31st August 2017

Each month, we invite people from the Limerick community to choose a different object from the Museum’s permanent collection and explain how and why it is of interest to them.

Object of the Month August has been chosen by:  

Niamh Brown 


Ormston House

My Object of the Month is an unfinished landscape painting that you will find quietly tucked away in a drawer of one of the Hunt Museum’s cabinets of curiosities. The artist, Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919), is one of the most prominent artists of the Impressionist movement. The artwork is a watercolour with pen, ink and pencil on paper, and is included in his son Claude’s Souvenirs sur mon pere (c. 1882).

I chose this particular work as it’s quite distinct of the Impressionist style that Renoir is most known for. Its delicate yet definite lines trace the landscape and render the movement of the foliage. The palette is natural and warm, suggestive of a sultry Summer sunset. The ink subtly melts into the untouched areas of the paper while giving weight to the line work. I’ve always had a fondness for unfinished works, in particular drawings. They’re an incomplete sentence, they begin to say something but never have the chance to finish.


Niamh Brown is a curator and researcher based in Limerick City. She is Co-Director of Ormston House, a cultural resource centre on Patrick Street.


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