Thursday 1st November 2018 - Friday 30th November 2018

Paul Cashin is an Irish artist and recent graduate from Limerick School of Art and Design. He completed a BA in Fine Art receiving a First Class Honours. Paul also received the Award for Innovation in Practice 2018 by the Offices of the Collector General for the work presented in his final year Degree Show. Paul’s paintings will generally cover a wide variety of subjects with the figure being an important staple to the compositions. Because of Paul’s broad area of interest his paintings can often include a variety of techniques and subject matter. His paintings continually question topics ranging from composition and surface, landscape and figuration, space and time, narrative and history, most commoningly linked under the heading of disorientation. It is observable that Paul’s work will tie various combinations of these topics together, creating compositions that neither exist nor are imaginary, but rather occupy the territory of daydreams. Paul observes the confusion in the world around him and aims in interpret it using intuition to dictate the composition and subject matter, ultimately unaware of the works true underlying meaning. This meaning will develop and eventually reveal itself after the passing of time. Just as history only becomes clear after it passes so to does Paul believe this his paintings only reveal their true meaning after the passing of time


The first question that may pop into the viewers head when looking at this painting is to whether the composition is upside-down or not? The inverted image is temporary corrected for by the mannequin torso which gives the false illusion that everything is as it should be, when in fact everything could be failing apart at the seams. The imagined world is deconstructing itself while simultaneously worshiping this false idol. This ‘golden idea’ resting upon this inverted pedicel will surely come toppling down. You reap what you sow.

Title: ‘Give Them Nothing but Take From Them Everything’

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm

Price: € 600

Price: €280 framed

Price: €1355




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