Dancing Apollo for Heritage Week 2021

//Dancing Apollo for Heritage Week 2021

Dancing Apollo for Heritage Week 2021

17-22 August

FREE ENTRY to the HUNT MUSEUM for the week

Donations very welcome!

Apollo in his 17th Century incarnation at The Hunt Museum  has been fascinating visitors for years.  This year for Heritage Week he is going to dance around the Captain’s Room. 

Through the wonders of Augmented Reality and the use of some new tablets you can enjoy a new side to Apollo, God of Light, Poetry, Music, Healing and Prophecy.   

As well as marvelling at his moves, you will  learn about the motifs he sports such as the Wine Merchants on his knee and the Locksmiths on his shoulder. You can then follow a Hunt Museum trail that highlights objects that link to the trades and professions on Apollo.


Apollo was often used to represent the trades, arts and professions. He is their protector and many of their crafts and manual skills are represented on the Polychromed Limewood, Augsburg (Germany) made statue.


Jill Cousins, Director of the Hunt Museum says: “ We are always looking for ways to bring our artefacts to life for new audiences and generations.   Having created a 3D model of our Apollo statue last year we had the basis to free him from his case and create the disruptive interaction with him that augmented reality can give us.  Working with Alan and Uvis has delivered just that.  From a learning aspect we hope that everyone looks at him anew and becomes engaged with all that he represents.  AR makes Apollo a very cool dude!”

The Augmented Reality Makeover is the work of Alan Dormer and Uvis Zviedris, creative technologists who have also worked on a range of projects in the theatre,arts and cultural sectors.  We contacted Alan Dormer at the University of Limerick to discuss possible projects earlier in 2021. 

Alan commented: “ We are so pleased to be working with The Hunt Museum on this project.  While still in its early days, Augmented Reality technologies allow us to  push the boundaries of traditional experience  and offer us new and exciting ways to engage with cultural artifacts and spaces.”


Event Details

Tuesday, 17th to Saturday, 21st August, 10.00 am-5.00 pm; 

Sunday, 22nd August, 11.00 am-5.00 pm

An in-person event in the Hunt Museum, using Covid 19 compliant tablets,

Free entry to the museum for Heritage Week (normally €7:50) but booking is essential.

Book online at: https://www.huntmuseum.com/whats-on/heritage-week-dancing-apollo/

Contact: bookings@huntmuseum.com or 061 312833


The Hunt Museum www.huntmuseum.com

The Hunt Museum holds one of Ireland’s greatest private collections of Art and Antiquities from the Neolithic period to the 20th century. Donated by John and Gertrude Hunt to the people of Ireland, this diverse collection is housed in The Custom House, a 18th Century Palladian style building in Limerick.  The Hunt Museum is a centre of learning and civic life that preserves and uses its world class collections to support a greater understanding of our past and to deliver new collaborations and innovation.  Public engagement is key to our approach with a full education programme and wide community participation in all our work.

Alan Dormer & Uvis Zviedris

Alan holds a PhD in site-specific public sound art with a focus on the use of mobile Apps that use location and context based technologies, while Uvis has a background in gaming and mobile development and is passionate about gaming and immersive technologies. Together they have released various apps and interactive installations within the cultural, heritage, and arts sector and as creative technologists both are interested in the use of augmented reality to enhance visitor experience.


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