Antiques Roadshow

On Sunday 26 June the Friends of the Hunt Museum will host an Antiques Roadshow.

15 June, 2022

Antiques Roadshow - image of watch

Antiques Roa


Come along and you will be able to have any object valued and identified by a panel of experts from the Irish Antique Dealers Association and from well-known Auctioneers.

The experts will cover all areas including books, coins, general ephemera, glass, ceramics, silver, pictures, furniture, textiles, etc. In fact, the experts will look at anything and give you information and a valuation. With furniture please bring good photographs rather than the piece.

The proceeds of the roadshow will be used to refurbish a number of showcases within the Museum. Including a new interpretation of four important medieval bells in the collection.



€5 for 1

€10 for 3


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