Community Investment Consultancy Contract

No Repro Fee
pictured as Takumi added a new sculpture to the Hunt Museum in a Garden. Takumi engineers and designers made an interpretation of the museum’s Etruscan Wine Jug from the 5th century BC, using Corten Steel, cut by water jet and welded into shape.
Pic. Brian Arthur

RECHARGE is a Horizon Europe Project ( 101061233 – GAP-101061233) to conceive, pilot  and analyse new participatory business models for the cultural heritage sector in a Living Lab.   The Hunt Museum is managing the central work package that sets up Cultural Heritage Living Labs across Europe to test several different models. In the first instance we are looking to create a participatory business model based on Corporate Social Responsibility activity with the Irish Museums Association and local communities.  

We are therefore looking for a company who has ready access to corporations, with social responsibility budgets, who might be interested in working with communities on projects relevant to the museum sector.   The successful bidder will be able to bring at least 8 Irish or International companies based in Ireland to the table for an initial workshop with the Irish Museum sector.  They will then work with 2 or 3 of the corporates to create a Living Lab with the Hunt Museum and develop a participatory business model.   Documenting the process and measuring impact with the help of Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Cyfrowe Centrum, Warsaw will be required, as the final outcome is to be a playbook that allows replication of the process.  After the first Living Labs are created a further six will be funded and the winning bidder is expected to mentor any that choose the Corporate Social Responsibility Business Model. 

Time and Reward 

  • The work will take place between 15 December 2022 and 30 September 2025 

  • The Subcontract is for €20,000 excluding VAT, for the period 

Project Phases:
There are three phases to the project:

Phase 1 – October 2022- May 2023 

Project set up and recruitment of corporates to workshops and first Living Labs. 

Phase 2 – June to December 2023

First delivery and Evaluation of Hunt Museum Project and set up of 6 new Living Lab tenders. 

Phase 3 – January 2024-September 2025  

Expansion to other Living Labs, mentoring, monitoring, analysis and deliverable completion

Further Obligations

  1. The Consultant must carry out the work within the framework of the assignment as recorded in the Grant Agreement Horizon Europe RECHARGE Project – 101061233 – GAP-101061233. The Consultant will, therefore, within the frameworks set out in this Contract, explicitly have freedom in how the work is done and is therefore not working under the supervision and guidance of the client as referred to in Article 7:690 BW.
  1. The Consultant is liable for its obligations in connection with this contract in respect of payment of contributions, income tax or social insurance and taxes and indemnifies the client against legal claims in this regard.
  1. The Consultant is responsible for the security of all personal data that is held in its system in relation to this project.


Applications should be made in writing by December 6,2022 to

The application should detail previous work with companies that have corporate social responsibility budgets and at least one successful project example.  It should outline how it helps the company to show social impact and develop increased employee engagement.   For preference links to the cultural sector will be demonstrated.  


The contract will be awarded on the above and on proven access to at least five companies who would be prepared to attend an initial workshop in February 2023 with museums to look at creating a new participatory business model for the cultural heritage sector.