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Anne Butler graduated from the University of Ulster in 1985. She then lived, worked and travelled abroad in South America, Africa, Indonesia and Japan before returning to complete her MA in ceramics in University of Wales, Cardiff in 2000. Anne is now based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is a member of CAA, Contemporary Applied Arts, London and RBSS, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, Selected maker DCCoI, Design and Craft Council of Ireland, Portfolio : Critical Selection 2017/18 and received the Rosie James Memorial Trust Award 2017  ACNI

Anne’s interest in archaeological and geology is often referenced in her work. Her creative process is intrinsically connected to the act of making, experimenting and challenging material process. The employment of a diverse range of transformational processes, such as casting and layering is manifested, evidenced and recorded in the work. The final piece is often witness to its own history, engaging the viewer into a process of enquiry of association with material and process, much as an archaeologist excavates and reveals objects that connect the present and the past.

For more information on Anne Butler visit www.annebutlerceramics.com