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Friday 30th November 2018 - Sunday 2nd December 2018

Europeana and the Hunt Museum are inviting people young and old to help build an online collection dedicated to migration, to tell an important story – the story of Europe and the people that live there.

Europeana  and the Hunt Museum are inviting people young and old to help build an online collection dedicated to migration, to tell an important story – the story of Europe and the people that live there.

Looking at migration, Europeana aims to show that the movement of people geographically makes culture richer. Our cultural heritage shows us that the Europe we inhabit today is the result of a flow of people and ideas and that migration is woven through and enriches our everyday lives in many ways. The Hunt Museum wants to help you and your community to discover and digitally capture stories of migration within your communities and families.

We all have objects that tell the story of where we’ve come from and what’s shaped our lives. Share your personal migration story and an object that illustrates it at our Europeana Migration Collection Day at the Hunt Museum

How to get involved:

Collection Days are an opportunity for you to share your story and have it digitally archived! We’re going to host 3 Days on location in the Hunt Museum

Please note

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Stroller / pram accessible
  • Accessible for those with limited mobility
  • Accessible for those with limited eye sight
  • Public transportation nearby

What do I need to bring?

Bring your object/artefact fro home! We’re looking for documentary evidence, material culture and personal stories reflecting migration movements in Europe over many centuries, as well as how these have affected the arts and sciences.

Five reasons to get involved:

  • To be part of the Europeana Migration campaign, a key element of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage
  • To join a unique, multilingual digital resource where thousands of cultural institutions – from regional archives to national museums – share their collection
  • To bring your content to new audiences: individuals and professionals who can discover, research, share and enjoy Europe’s wealth of digital cultural resources
  • To showcase collections in blogs, galleries, online exhibitions and social media to reach millions of citizens across Europe
  • To see your collections reused within research, education and the creative industries

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