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Friday 11th May 2018 - Monday 2nd July 2018

Family Links, an exhibition of artwork by learners at Limerick Prison Education Unit and participants at the Bedford Row Family Project was formally launched by Governor Kennedy of Limerick Prison, at The Hunt Museum on May 11th at 3pm.

The inspiration for this exhibition is the Year of the Family. In January 2018, Dublin was chosen by Pope Francis to host this gathering of families which will take place in August as part of his papal visit. During it, families from all over the world will travel to Dublin to share their experiences, to reflect on the different challenges they face and to celebrate the relationship between home, school and parish. These themes are very pertinent to the contributors of the Family Links exhibition which include mothers, fathers, children, carers and grandparents whose family relationships are greatly impacted by imprisonment. Bedford Row Family Project provides them with different supports enabling them to build and strengthen their links with family.

The Family Links exhibition will present artworks in textiles, glass and ceramics which are based on drawings made by the Children’s Group at the Bedford Row project. These artworks have been created on a collaborative and individual basis by learners in Limerick Prison Art Department. In addition, artwork by the children at the Bedford Row project will also be presented. The Prison’s framing shop have played a significant role in preparing all artwork for display at The Hunt Museum. Each piece in the Family Links exhibition can be purchased and all proceeds will go towards running the Children’s Groups in Bedford Row.

The exhibition programme for Family Links will present a number of lunch time talks. At 1pm on June 14th, a talk entitled ‘Inside Out’ will be delivered by artist Brian O’ Rourke with Paula Rafferty artist and tutor at Limerick Prison Art Department. Brian will recall his early study of art at Limerick Prison which led him to take up a place at Limerick School of Art and Design. Paula Rafferty, will speak more generally about their work with learners at the Prison’s Art Department.

On June 21st (1pm) Bedford Row Family Project will also give a talk offering insight into their work to support families impacted by imprisonment. A Family Drop-in Arts Day will also take place on Saturday June 16 from 11am to 2pm in the Hunt Museum Education Wing.  All are welcome. The Family Links exhibition will run until Sunday July 1st.

For further information on the Family Links exhibition programme, please visit or contact or  061 312 833.


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