Gardens of Earthly Delight at The Hunt Museum Gall

/Gardens of Earthly Delight at The Hunt Museum Gall

Gardens of Earthly Delight at The Hunt Museum Gall

Wednesday 11th January 2006 - Sunday 12th February 2006

This specially-created exhibition of limited edition prints is a collaborative project between The Chester Beatty Library and The Graphic Studio, Dublin. Thirty-nine distinguished Irish and international artists were invited to explore the Library’s collection fucusing on garden and related imagery, which express man’s spiritual and physical need to create, cultivate and depict gardens. From the traditional symbolism and restraint of Japanese and Chinese gardens, to the symmetry and richness of the Qur’an-inspired Paradise gardens and the Christian gardens of medieval Europe, the common theme is the garden as terrestrial paradise, a refuge and a place of spiritual solace – a Garden of Eden.

All works for sale.


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