Sorcha McNamara – Curator’s Choice – August 2019

/Sorcha McNamara – Curator’s Choice – August 2019

Sorcha McNamara – Curator’s Choice – August 2019

Thursday 1st August 2019 - Saturday 31st August 2019

Sorcha McNamara grew up in County Mayo, in the west of Ireland. She graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2019, with a first-class BA Honours degree in Fine Art – Painting. Her work crosses the disciplines of painting, installation and critical writing; she is particularly interested in the sensual qualities of materials and the parallels that exist between verbal and gestural language.

About the work:

‘Desolate’ is an ambient study of uncertainty, explored through the language of painterly gestures.

The work is an exercise in subtlety; an embracement of the indistinct, the formless.

The sensual qualities of the materials within the work – the fluidity of paint, the delicacy of graphite pencil, and the

protrusions of cotton/polyester fabric – attempt to evoke an atmospheric sense of place.

The way these materials are handled – through stains, intuitive mark-making and erasing – insist on the depicted place as being unknown, somewhere floating between the physical, material world and a mental, intangible realm where indecision and ambiguity lies.


Title: “Desolate”

Medium: mixed media on board.

Dimensions: 91 x 61 cm.



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