The Imperfect is our Paradise

/The Imperfect is our Paradise

The Imperfect is our Paradise

Thursday 27th April 2017 - Thursday 27th April 2017
Limerick Writers’ Centre
April is Poetry Month in Limerick 2017
The Imperfect is our Paradise
A lunchtime poetry reading
Thursday 27 April, 1.00pm The Hunt Museum, Limerick
Admission: Free
“I expect from a poem that it slits my throat and resuscitates me,” the French writer, Christian Bobin, tells us. On Poetry Day Ireland, and during Limerick’s April is Poetry Month, the Limerick Writers’ Centre celebrates the unchanging task of the lyric poet and poem to change us.
“A good poem shocks us awake, one way or another – through its beauty, its insight, its music, it shakes or seduces the reader out of the common gaze and into a genuine looking.” And “make no mistake,” the poet Jane Hirshfield reminds us, “I consider such a moment of transformation to be a radical event.”
A poetry reading venue is one which provides both solace and resistance. At our Hunt Museum event you will find yourself in a place which allows for another and different way of thinking. In today’s world of so much change we have to recognise that the “imperfect is our paradise”… indeed that ““the imperfect is so hot in us.” *
Join us at lunch-time on April 27th in the Hunt Museum to hear a reading of poems which “make possible their acts of deep insurrection and surgery within us.” 
*Wallace Stevens
Contact Dominic Taylor 087 2996409 or Email for further information.

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