Topographical Views from Glin Castle – Limerick an

/Topographical Views from Glin Castle – Limerick an

Topographical Views from Glin Castle – Limerick an

Wednesday 15th February 2006 - Sunday 26th February 2006

This exhibition, Topographical Views from Glin CastleLimerick and its Environs, provides layers of insight into Irish social history and topography from the eighteenth century to the present day. These eloquent paintings form part of an inspired collection assembled over the past 30 years by Desmond Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, president of the Irish Georgian Society and now active on the advisory committee of the recently established Irish Heritage Trust.

All works here are based on the theme of landscape, which conveys a sense of place. However, the treatment of the place, which is Limerick City and County as well as counties, Clare and North Kerry, varies with the style of the artist the time and subject. Collectively, they evoke a deeper understanding of our local place here in the Mid West. The paintings are documents of social history as well as being works of beauty. Those who made this exhibition happen, the Knight of Glin, Limerick Chamber of Commerce and Limerick City Museum must be congratulated on a fine achievement.


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