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Voice of Art, Voice of Nature

Thursday 29th September 2016 - Friday 14th October 2016
The Hunt Museum is pleased to be part of the 10th Polish Art Festival with the exhibition of two Polish artists Pawel Jasinski and Anna Bernat-Mscisz.
Pawel Jasinski, artist and designer, was born in Poland and works in Dublin. He is the founder of The Three Art Studio Company, specialised in producing personalised gifts for individuals, companies and institutions looking for unique designs. But the collection of artworks presented in the exhibition is of a different nature: many of the works have a hidden meaning. Pawel Jasinski strives to portray a diverse world, bringing in themes of tolerance, loneliness, love and longing, often in a humorous and subtle way. One of his favourite motifs is that of a woman, often of an unrealistically large size. Painted in many different ways, she is a symbol of fertility and maternity.
Anna Bernat-Mscisz is a felt-making artist, graduated from the design class of LCFE’s Art Department with top results. She has always been fascinated by the world of nature, its forms, colours and textures. The power of water, fire, and life-giving Earth are her inspirations. She creates her work by observing the world around her and drawing from its gifts. She’s fascinated by traditional patterns and techniques passed from one generation to another, and strives to bring them back to life in a new artform. She experiments with organic fabrics and wool, combining them in an innovative way, often with surprising results. Anna produces pieces of wearable art that make everyday life unusual on a daily basis.




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