Replica of the Ardagh Chalice

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Replica of the Ardagh Chalice


A silver chalice, which is a replica of the Ardagh Chalice. It has an oval body with a sub-conical foot and a cylindrical stem. There is gilt moulding around the body and the foot is decorated with interlaced motifs. There are blue and red enamel bosses on the mouldings on the body and red, blue and white enamelled rectangles on the foot mouldings. There are two strap handles with interlaced decoration and red and blue enamel; these spring from two ornamental escutcheons decorated with filigree and three enamelled bosses. There are two applied roundels on the body each divided into a cruciform pattern and decorated with gold filigree. The body is inscribed with the names of the Apostles and stylized heads. The underside of the base is also highly decorated with gilt mouldings decorated with interlace and geometric patterns, enamel and glass. The centre of the base is set with a large rock crystal. The underside edge of the rim is stamped with the name Watson Fothergill.

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