Photocopies of design sketch, Miss Mouse

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Photocopies of design sketch, Miss Mouse


Three photocopies of sketch, with title "Miss Mouse" typed on the front. Also annotations "(This is lovely)" near the main sketch, "White stiff beading and bow" at the hem of the main sketch, and "Price $750.00" above the left-hand sketch and "cuffs as hem" also near this sketch. The main sketch on photocopy A shows a full-length collarless dress with a fitted bodice. The fabric appears to be pleated linen. Around the hem is white stiff beading and a flat bow at the centre front. The three-quarter length sleeves are set-in and have the same treatment at the hem. The left-hand sketch shows the back view while the right-hand sketch shows a front view. Photocopy B ("Miss Mouse") is the same style dress but the main sketch shows frills at the sleeve hems and no beading or bow at the skirt hem. Photocopy C is called "Lovely Lady" and is the same style as B.

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