The Cashel Pyx

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The Cashel Pyx


A pyx in silver-gilt. It is cylindrical in shape with a flat, hinged lid. It is secured by a pin attached to a chain and there is a suspension loop on top. The lid is decorated with the figure of Christ on the cross and two inscriptions. One around the lid reads: IN CRUCE PENDENTEM TE IESU ADORO [I adore you, Jesus hanging on the cross]. The second inscription is on either side of the cross and reads FR. AN. SALL ME FIERI FECIT [Fr. An[thony] Sall had me made] on one side and PRO CONVTU:STI. FRANCI. CASSI. The rim of the lid has chain moulding and the back of the pyx is engraved with IHS, a cross, a heart and three nails. An unusual feature of this pyx is the chain moulding around the rim. A pyx is a vessel in which consecrated bread is kept. This pyx was a gift to the Franciscan Friary at Cashel by Fr. Anthony Sall, himself a Franciscan priest and a member of a prominent local family, who was Guardian of the Nenagh Friary during the 1670s.

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