Fabric and wallpaper sample book, Beautiful Places

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Fabric and wallpaper sample book, Beautiful Places


Fabric and wallpaper sample book, "Beautiful Places" by Sybil Connolly, in the Gramercy range produced by F. Schumacher & Co., New York. The Gramercy range was begun by the company in the 1980s. There are 129 pages of border and wallpaper samples as well as some fabric swatches together with photographs of decorated rooms. The patterns are: Stephan's [sic] Green, Stephan's Fountain, Stephan's Floral, Grosgraine Floral, Merrion Square, Merrion Square Border, Merrion Texture, Sybil's Trellis, Fitzwilliam Square Border, Fitzwilliam Flame, Fitzwilliam Scroll, Mount Joy Square, Caning, Floral With Cane, Elegant Border, Mount Joy, Russboro Border, Russboro Trellis, Russboro, Charming Liner, Dunsany Border, Dunsany Floral, Dunsany Tassel, Dunsany Stripe, Dunsany Foulard, and Botanical Garden Toile.

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