Customs and Excise sign

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Customs and Excise sign


A brass sign mounted on wood. Customs and Excise, from The Custom House, Limerick. Inscription reads: A: Custuim agus Mál: Oifig na Airgid, Customs and Excise: Cash Office. Ceadúnaisí (Mál), Licences (Excise); B: Custuim agus Mál (diuitethe), Customs and Excise (Duties); C: Oscailte don Poiblíocht, (Open to the Public); D: Laethe Seachtaine. (Weekdays) 9-30 A.M. go 4 P.M., dé Sathairn. (Saturday) 9-30 A.M. go 1 P.M.

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