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Slide transparencies, miscellaneous

Slide transparencies, miscellaneous


A collection of 27 slide transparencies and 4 transparencies which belonged to Sybil Connolly. 1) 'The Prodigal Son Leaving His Father's House' by Murillo (Beit Collection); 2) 'The Prodigal Son Feasting' by Murillo (Beit Collection); 3) 'The Prodigal Son Receiving His Portion' by Murillo (Beit Collection); 4) 'The Prodigal Son Feeding Swine' by Murillo (Beit Collection); 5) Stubbs 'Shooting Scene 1' (Yale Center for British Art) [YCBA]; 6) Stubbs 'Shooting Scene 3' (YCBA); 7) Stubbs 'Shooting Scene 4' (YCBA); 8) Stubbs 'Horse Frightened by a Lion' (YCBA); 9) Turner 'Stormy Sea' (YCBA); 10) 'Dionysus and Ariadne, 3rd cent. AD, Turkiye; 11) Floral pattern; 12) Floral pattern; 13) Blue flower posies arranged in a basket; 14) Interior view of a dining room; 15) Interior view of a bathroom; 16) Glassware; 17) Arrangement of baskets; 18) Glass filled with amber liquid arranged on a dark table; 19) China dish and plate; 20) Vista of trees; 21) View of woodland with red flowers in the foreground; 22) View of circular stairwell; 23) Unidentified man; 24) Blue roses; 25) View of landscape with sunburst; 26) Oriental image; 27) View of thatched cottage with boy and animal; 28) View of lake or inlet; 29) View (detail) of Swiss Cottage; 30) Lace mat with arrangement of blue flowers; 31) Basket (detail).

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