A Day at the Hunt by Ingrid Murphy

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A Day at the Hunt by Ingrid Murphy


Ingrid was born and educated in Cork and has lived and worked in the UK since 1990. She is a practising ceramic artist and educator, with work exhibited and published internationally. Having worked in Art and Design education for over 20 years, Ingrid was Head of Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University from 2007 - 2013. Influenced by her own research, in 2011 she developed a new course, Artist Designer: Maker, which she led until 2016. Maker focuses on fusing traditional craft skills with new and emerging processes in digital design and fabrication. She is currently Academic Lead for Transition and Boundaries at Cardiff School of Art & Design, working with the integration of research and enterprise across the school learning and teaching curricula.
In her series of Staffordshire flat-backs, Ingrid uses QR codes to link the modified historical object to customized online content, creating an interesting dialogue between real objects and the virtual world.
The work attempts to provide the viewer with a different experience of the familiar. Reclaiming objects enables her to plunder ceramic history to make new and interesting contemporary narratives that also speak of traditional craft values.

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