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Slide transparencies, In an Irish House

Slide transparencies, In an Irish House


A collection of 53 slide transparencies which belonged to Sybil Connolly. The subject matter of these slides are images for her book 'In an Irish House' (published 1988). Each slide has a name and page reference written on it. 1) Barons Court, front hall, p14; 2) Barons Court, rotunda, p17; 3) Barons Court, desk, p19; 4) Barons Court, library with bust, p20; 5) Barons Court, library, p20-1; 6) Ballymaloe, cold buffet table, p24; 7) Ballymaloe, Myrtle Allen, p32; 8) Corke Lodge, front drawing room, p37; 9) Corke Lodge, staircase, p39; 10) Corke Lodge, game carving table/ bar, p41; 11) Corke Lodge, red bedroom, p44-5; 12) Dunsany Castle, staircase, p60; 13) Dunsany Castle, gothic library, p64; 14) Leixlip Castle, tracery window with bust, p66-7; 15) Leixlip Castle, p68; 16) Leixlip Castle, library with bust, p71; 17) Leixlip Castle, dolls' house, p72-3; 18) Glensamole Lodge, green drawing room, p82-3; 19) Whitechurch Stud, hall with dresser, p88-9; 20) Whitechurch Stud, Patrick Hickey lithograph, p93; 21) Whitechurch Stud, basket of vegetables, p93; 22) Ballydoyle, front of house, p100-1; 23) Ballydoyle, pale apricot dining room, p102-3; 24) Ballydoyle, conservatory, p106; 25) Ballydoyle, conservatory, p106; 26) Clonalis, old documents, p108-9; 27) Clonalis, O'Conor crest; p116; 28) Clonalis, O'Conor Don, p116; 29) Birr Castle, p120; 30) Birr Castle, p120; 31) Birr, flowers, p121; 32) Birr Castle, red dining room, p122; 33) Birr Castle, yellow drawing room, p123; 34) Birr Castle, Gothic saloon, p125; 35) Birr, fruit and seed, p127; 36) Ballynabrocky, old kitchen, p128-9; 37) Ballynabrocky, kitchen dresser, p131; 38) Ballynabrocky, 'long barn', p132; 39) Ballynabrocky, Patrick Scott, p132; 40) Ballynabrocky, chanterelle mushrooms, p134; 41) Ballynacourty, Stacpoole, pine dresser, p137; 42) Ballynacourty, Stacpoole, peppers, courgettes, p138; 43) Ballynacourty, Stacpoole, range, p139; 44) Ballynacourty, Stacpoole, long hall, p140-1; 45) Ballynacourty, Stacpoole, lunch, p142; 46) Ballynacourty, Stacpoole, lunch, p142; 47) Ballynacourty, Stacpoole, bust, p143; 48) Provost's House, portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in saloon, p147; 49) Provost's House, lithograph Dublin 1776, p148; 50) Provost's House, staircase, p150-1; 51) Provost's House, façade, p151; 52) Glenmacnass, fireplace and shelves, p154; 53) Glenmacnass, Dana Wynter, p155.

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