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Triptych, painted epitaph

Triptych, painted epitaph


A wooden polychrome triptych consisting of three panels hinged together with painted scenes. Assembled after 1611. When closed the triptych shows a scene of a priest kneeling at prayer in front of a crucifix. There are also scenes showing the three Kings and the star of Bethlehem and a scene from the Agony in the Garden with an angel overhead. There is an inscription on the front panels which reads: God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. A phrase of a hymn comes from the mouth of the priest: Hail oh Cross our only hope. When the triptych is opened three scenes are revealed, the centre having a crucifixion scene with Moses and Mary Magdalen. Looking to the left there is a scene from the book of Ezekiel, a massacre and an angel marking the foreheads of those to be saved with a Tau cross. To the right is a priest giving a sermon. Over the three panels there are further scenes, in the centre there is the first Christian Roman Emperor Constantine, to the left a panel showing St Anthony of Egypt with a pig and to the right a panel showing St Thomas. There are also inscriptions around the edges of the central panel in Latin and Dutch which is only partially translated it reads: the cross of Christ, the safe defense for weeping men, and: the sadness of all man by the help of the cross of Christ.

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