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I Am Too by Deirdre McLoughlin

I Am Too by Deirdre McLoughlin


Amsterdam 1972, Deirdre McLoughlin discovered clay as a medium in which to express. Her main learning experience was with the artists in Kyoto 1982–85 where she set up studio and presented her first solo show. En-route home she travelled through China for three months visiting ceramic communities and sites of historical cultural significance.

Deirdre: ‘The work itself is my main teacher, my life’s adventure and my heartbeat. The drive is to find a form I don’t know or refine a form I’ve met before as I search for some sense of the sublime. Everything I know is there. I don’t always understand what I know.’

Twice winner of Ceramics of Europe Westerwald Prize, for vessel forms, she was also awarded a Diploma of Honour in the 4th World Ceramic Biennale Korea. The Ulster Museum and the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland have curated and toured her solo exhibitions. She was selected for the Irish millennium exhibition ‘An Artists’ Century 2000’ and for the ‘Organic Abstraction’ exhibition curated by Garth Clark in New York.

Deirdre: ‘My forms are built around and into space and are sometimes termed biomorphic. They are coiled with a building and breaking action, fast and slow, concentrated and chaotic by turn. I work until I sense something true, the form feels right, feels alive. Then I begin the finishing process of smoothing, grinding and polishing through multiple firings.’

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