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Frances studied Education at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and taught art at second level for several years. In 1996, she became a founder member of Bridge Street Studios in Dundalk and began making sculptural ceramics. She currently works in a studio at her home in County Louth, Ireland.

Frances creates sculptural work that is rooted in the natural world and the place where she lives on the east coast. Simple curved and undulating forms have detailed patterned surfaces. Her work explores landscape forms as well as growth patterns found in plants and animals, combining the macro with the micro.

Lambe’s abiding interest in the sea underscores her work and is informed by her interest in scuba diving. The coast where sea and land meet is a place of constant change. Angular surfaces are gradually rendered curved and smooth. Beach rolled stones ‘document’ this interaction and this process of attrition informs Frances’ practice.

For more information on Frances Lambe visit www.franceslambe.com