We are delighted to present our Halloween Mask workshop which will help you create your very own scary Halloween mask at home. 

Anna and Sian will take you through two different ways you can make a mask. You will notice that Anna and Sian have taken inspiration from the museums Best Costume Goes to…exhibition. If you would like to explore some of the costumes featured in it, please use this link

Anna and Sian’s masks

Anna takes inspiration from the colours and patterns of the Best Costume Goes to…exhibition.  She will be making a masquerade mask that was popular in Italy during the 16th century Renaissance. A masquerade ball is an event in which many participants attend in costume wearing a mask. 

What will you need? White paper, A cereal box/cardboard, scissors, string, paint. Have fun use whatever you have in the house! Go crazy, use glitter!

Sian takes inspiration from the Viking costumes in the Best Costume Goes to…exhibition.  Her scary Viking will have your friends running for cover, just look at that scowl and armour! All you’ll need to  make this historically accurate mask is a piece of carboard, a cereal box, paint, string, tinfoil and a scissors. Personalise this mask with any designs you can think of!