We are delighted to present our Scary Stop Motion Toolkit which will help you to create your very own Halloween short movie at home.

The Toolkit is made up of three parts so that the process is broken down into easy steps. You will notice that we’ve taken inspiration from the museum’s Best Costume Goes to…exhibition. If you would like to explore some of the costumes featured in it, please use this link https://www.huntmuseum.com/home-2-2/museum-from-home/virtual_tour/


How will the Scary Stop Motion Toolkit help you?

Part 1 will help you to plan your story, develop your plot and your characters. To inspire you, we have even included some spooky objects from the Hunt Museum Collection.

Part II shows you how to create a paper based movie set and characters. We have even included some examples you can use in your movie.

Part III shows you how to use the Stop Motion Studio app to shoot your stop motion movie.

When you are finished, we would really like to enjoy your stop motion movies. Remember to tag us on social media if you are sharing them!!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3