Museum in a Garden Tree Sculpture Competition

A cash prize competition to create a sculpture from the Chestnut tree stump for our new Museum in a Garden. The sculpting is to take place over the Summer of 2021.


For the new Museum in a Garden, the public voted to have the remaining tree trunk of the diseased Chestnut turned into a sculpture.  Ideally the sculpture will reflect objects in the museum.  A small collection can be seen below


The Hunt Museum in a Garden currently being landscaped as a new public space running down to the River Shannon from our 18th century Georgian Palladian Custom House. The landscaping mixes the concepts of the tidal estuary and eclectic objects in the museum.  It includes spaces for a Community & Sensory Garden, the Cobbles and Benches from our Fund a Cobble campaign, and it has plenty of seating, a garden chess set, boules and ‘hills’ to roll down  Conceived as an extension to the museum, there are seven sculpture plinths in situ surrounded by planting that express the proposed sculptures origins.   The technologies of 3D scanning and 3D printing are being used to reproduce large scale replicas of  artefacts within the museum, “hidden” in the collection cases.  The first is Olmec Man. 


Olmec Man, polished green serpentine or jade, nd., Mesoamerica, Hunt Museum, PD

The Tree Trunk sculpture should complement the garden and other proposed sculptures.

The winning artist will receive up to a maximum of €4000 in prize money, depending on the judges assessment, and will be expected to attend the launch of the Museum in a Garden on June 28, at 6pm, and to complete the work over the Summer of 2021.  

Entries are to be submitted by Friday 28 May 2021 5pm. Entries should consist of a completed form and some pictures/drawings of your ideas. Click the link to fill out your application;⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  Application for Tree Sculpture Competition


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