2021: Postcards From the Edge

Winner of the LSAD Postcards From the Edge: Muisiriún/ Environment Postcard / Cadhla Forde, 2021.

Image of a statue in a glass case

Techie Fun

AR and VR experiments and projects

Irish Artists. Norah Brennan

Chosen by the Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum Curator’s Choice and Printmakers Choice, highlighting local artists and printmakers.

Image of hands typing at a computer during a Hunt Museum Editathon. There is a piece of card in the foreground of the picture with _Wikimedia_ written on it.

Hunt Studio Events

Hackathons, Editathons…. To jointly develop the Hunt Museum on all platforms

A girl in a denim jacket and a pink disposable mask holds a stack of postcards

Limerick School of Art & Design 2nd Year Show

Showcasing the work of up and coming young artists

Limerick School of Art and Design Cyanotype Response

Limerick School of Art and Design Cyanotype Response

A student responce in relation to the EIB Belonging Exhibition 2022

Hollow House

Hollow House curated by Cónall Wallace

An Exhibition of post lockdown creations by the sculpture, painting and animation students of Limerick School of Art and Design, curated by Cónall Wallace.

A woman traces around a roll of masking tape with pencil onto a piece of blue card. Around her on the table are various art supplies.Museum from Home

Museum from Home

Exciting, cultural and educational content at home.

Copyright & Crediting the Museum

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