Through the KBC Bright Ideas fund the museum has partnered with The Midwest School for Hearing Impaired Children to create a bespoke sign language tour of the museum.

This project allowed the children to experience the museum with the aid of an interpreter and to select their favourite objects from the collection. They then researched these items and returned to the museum to create their own Irish Sign Language tour of the collection. There are six objects in the tour which are accessible through scanable museum labels. These bring you to online content of the students signing their information on the artefacts. The videos are also subtitled and have a voice over so they can be used by a wide variety of audiences both within and outside of the deaf community.

The museum sees itself as playing a role in connecting diverse groups of people with the collection. This project has allowed us, in partnership with the students, to create a new layer of interpretation which makes the collection more accessible. This project has enabled a group of young people to curate a tour based on their interests, creating their own narrative of The Hunt Museum’s Collection.

This project will be officially launched on Wednesday June 15th in the Captain’s Room where the six students be presented with certificates of achievement by Municipal Mayor Willie O’Dea.

The Midwest School for Hearing Impaired Children currently caters for primary and post-primary Hearing Impaired pupils in the Mid-West regions. Pupils are taught through sign language or orally where appropriate. A pre-school facility is also in place to ensure early intervention for hearing impaired children.