Here at The Hunt Museum, we offer a variety of fun and educational tours, workshops and competitions for primary school pupils. Our workshops are available both in-house as well as the option to bring a little piece of the Museum’s charm to your school.

We believe that museums are a very special place for learning and engagement. Activities in the museum can complement the curriculum, inspire your class and increase their understanding of the past while providing a fun day of learning outside of the classroom.

In the downloadable PDF you can view our full public programming guide for Primary Schools.

We are always happy to work with you and find what is best for your class so please call us to discuss your visit on 061 312833 or email us at

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All guided tours and workshops must be booked in advance. All our education programmes are offered by volunteers, so we request at least two weeks’ notice of the confirmed date, time, group size and requested workshops to make arrangements.


Planning a visit

If you would like to visit the Museum before you come with your class, we can offer free admission for a planning visit to 1 teacher per 15 pupils booked in. Please reserve your planning visit admission through the Education and Outreach Office when you make your group booking.

Self – Guided Visits

We advise against bringing groups of ten or more under-8s for a self-guided visit, and recommend you book one of our workshops instead. If you are planning a self-guided visit, we ask that you contact us at least two weeks in advance to discuss arrangements. For every self-guided visits by 4-8 year olds, we require 1 adult for every 5 children.

Pricing for visits

School groups are charged €2 per pupil, for a fully guided tour.
There is no charge for accompanying adults.

Workshops and Tours for this age group can be combined to make a tailored package
(example: All About The Hunt and Animal Hunt, can be booked together as a Children’s Introduction to The Hunt, for €3 per pupil)

Please contact us to discuss how best to accommodate your group of younger children during a longer visit.


The Hunt Museum runs several competitions each year for children and young people to express their creativity. Please contact The Education Department for more information, also keep up-to-date on this through our Social Media Facebook:

Animal Hunt (60 mins)

Hunt for animal imagery in the Museum’s galleries. Pupils will discover how animals have been depicted in art from ancient to modern times. Children explore questions like: What kinds of animals are shown in objects in the collection? Why do artists depict animals? How does the artist represent the animals? Do the animals look like animals you have seen in real life? Pupils will also encounter mythological animals. Learning strategies include discussion, movement and drawing.

This workshop can also be accompanied by either a pre-reading activity booklet or workbook as stated above.

This workshop also supplements ‘All About the Hunt’ in the form of a workshop activity.


All About the Hunt (60 mins)

This tour is a great introduction to The Hunt Museum and is suitable for children with no experience of museums as well as for those already familiar with The Hunt. Pupils encounter highlights from the diverse collection at The Hunt Museum in a fun and accessible way. This workshop can be accompanied by either a pre-reading activity booklet or a workbook for pupils beginning to read independently. Children are introduced to some of the fascinating stories behind the museum and its objects.

Ideas and topics covered: What is a museum? Why do we have them? What kinds of objects are in them, and why? What kinds of artistic objects are in The Hunt and what can we see when we look carefully at art? What kinds of historical objects are at The Hunt, and how can they tell us about people in the past?

Learning outcomes:
building observation skills through problem-solving, investigation, drawing and discussion.
In an age-appropriate way, children explore artistic elements such as shape, line, colour and texture.

Time Traveller’s Tours and Workshops (1 hr 30min)

This tour and workshop aims to enable children to place ages in a chronological order and in context. To put across the concept of the continuity of time. They can participate in a series of discussions that talk about time through different ages, and students will also get a chance to examine real and replica items close-up in a handling session. Choosing from the Vikings or the Bronze Age, they will look at genuine artefacts from that era in The Hunt Museums Collections, examining these artefacts for clues on their use, construction and significance.

Learning outcomes:
Describe with more confidence aspects of their chosen period
Describe objects and their uses
Explain key points about the importance of art in society, including in religious practice, myths and legends
Explain key aspects of life from their chosen period such as diet, clothing and living conditions

Collection Tours

Discover the secrets of the Hunt Museums Collection with our expert guides. Children will learn all about the Hunt Family, why museums are important and see real artefacts from the Stone Age, to ancient Egypt, to paintings by Picasso and Renoir. Why not let us know what you’ve been doing in school and we can tailor your tour to your group’s needs.

Learning outcomes: to understand museums and their function, look more carefully at art and describe what they see with greater confidence, understand age-appropriate stories relating to the history of museum objects.

Tours are €2 per pupil, teachers go free. Durations 1 hour.

Why not extend your stay and add an arts workshop to your tour? €2 per pupil.

Can’t come to us in the museum? Don’t worry, we’ll come to you!

800 Years of Fashion – Sixth Class only

800 Years of Fashion is one of our most popular workshops at the museum. Participants will learn about the clothing of the past and the societies that wore it. Participants will have the opportunity to dress up as Elizabethan nobility or medieval serfs. The workshop covers eight periods between 1200 and 1920. Participants will use clothing as historical evidence, gain a better understanding of the changes in clothes through time as well as relate the changes in the clothes to wider changes in society.

Loan Boxes

The Hunt Museum has two loan boxes which we can use to bring the museum to your class! These boxes contain objects which can be used in the classroom to aid learning. They provide hands-on active learning experiences to compliment the curriculum.

The boxes available are Archaeology and Vikings. Both come with a teacher’s pack to assist with lesson planning. Loan boxes can be collected from the museum and kept at the school for up to 10 days. There is also the option to have the box brought out to your school accompanied by a museum Docent (volunteer). Docents will deliver sessions in the school with the objects from the box. There are half day and full day options available as Docents can go to more than one class when they visit your school. Lessons can be tailored to the abilities of each level.

Archaeology Loan Box

This loan box includes replica objects and other archaeological items to help pupils to learn about archaeology. Lesson ideas and activity suggestions include games, study projects and class discussion topics tailored to each level of primary school learning. The loan box works well on its own, but the activity resources identify links to the Archaeology in the Classroom. ‘It’s About Time’ resource pack for primary schools is available for free at or on CD from the Limerick Education Centre. You can also book an outreach visit to support the Archaeology Loan Box – contact us for details.

Viking Loan Box

The Viking Loan Box is a resource developed to enrich the teaching and learning of History at primary and post-primary levels. The Box is made up of a selection of replica objects and raw material and accompanying resources to enhance the teaching about the Viking Age in Ireland. A teacher’s resource packet and worksheets form part of the available resource material. This box will help your classroom discover with a hands-on approach what Viking Ireland might have been like.


Loan box for up to 10 days collected from museum by teacher – €30

Loan box delivered to school with single class visit by museum Docent, in addition to the 10 day loan – €30 (plus mileage @ .31c per km; distance calculated from museum)

Loan box delivered to school and half day of in class delivery by museum Docent, in addition to the 10 day loan – €60 (plus mileage @ .31c per km; distance calculated from museum)

Loan box delivered to school and full day of in class delivery by museum Docent, in addition to the 10 day loan – €80 (plus .31c per km; distance calculated from museum)