Here at the Hunt Museum, we offer a variety of fun and educational tours and workshops for secondary school students. Our workshops are available both in-house as well as the option to bring a little piece of the museum’s charm to your school.

At the museum we believe that museums are very special places for learning and engagement. Activities in the museum can complement the curriculum, inspire your class and increase their understanding of the past.

In the downloadable PDF you will find lots of activities including tours (including all day tours), workshops and school visits. These have recommended age groups on them and clearly marked learning outcomes for your students. We are always happy to work with you and find what is best for your class so please call us to discuss your visit on 061 – 312833 or if you find it hard to call during the busy school day you can always email us on

The museum also offers limited Transition Year and Work Experience placements, we ask that you email early and include a short CV, character reference, and cover letter stating why you would like to do your work experience here and which department you’d like to be part of.


Click here to access our collection of activities from the Museum From Home page 


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