Dr. Jill Cousins, Director and CEO

Tel: 061 490088 email: jill@huntmuseum.com

Naomi O’Nolan, Head of Exhibitions and Collection;

Tel: 061 490084 email: naomi@huntmuseum.com

Maria Cagney, Curator of Education and Outreach;

Tel: 061 490080 email: maria@huntmuseum.com

Joni Roche; Retail Manager and Volunteer Coordinator;

Tel: 061 490083 email: joni@huntmuseum.com

Julie Butler, Marketing and Friends Coordinator;

Tel: 061 490087 email: marketing@huntmuseum.com ,  friends@huntmuseum.com

Rosemarie Noone, Business Developer;

Tel: 061 490084 email: rosemarie@huntmuseum.com

Chelsea Canavan, Education and Outreach Assistant;

Tel: 061 490086 email: chelsea@huntmuseum.com