At the Hunt Museum we are always willing to open our doors to those who are interested in becoming involved in the museum. Below you will find current openings for volunteers 


IT Volunteers to help out during Covid 19 closure

To help out with useful education and family entertainment resources during Covid19 and the need to stay at home The Hunt Museum is placing more of its activity packs and learning resources online.  Normally used for workshop style teaching with the children these resources are quite 2 dimensional and paper based. We would like to turn two of them into screen based media.   

The first is our Three Muses Activity pack



We think (but dont know:)) that this would be relatively simple to turn the exercises it contains into screen based one that  would work on mobile phones and tablets. This would be useful for parents looking for more educational things for kids during their allotted screen times and overcome for many the inability to print out the activity packs at home. If you think you can help us turn this quickly into a screen based resource for just the costs of software (we prefer open source where possible), giving your time for free then please contact or ring 0876025876


The second is our Ancient Ireland Resource… and this one is little more complicated… it had already been developed by UL Interactive Design Students, using a software called Articulate, but needs to be finished if possible.   We are therefore looking for people with the software knowledge and interactive design skills to help us complete the resource so that teachers can use it in virtual classrooms. The resource uses a specific software called Articulate to complete it. The students accessed this through the design labs in UL.

If you think you can help please contact or / 0876025876



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