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Come visit our new exhibition the Creepy Crawlies: LOVE/HATE this summer.

Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Sunday, we are closed on Mondays.

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About the Exhibition

The Hunt Museum is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest exhibition, “Creepy Crawlies: Love/Hate,” set to captivate audiences from July 12th to November 21st, 2024. This innovative exhibition aims to engage, educate, and inspire visitors of all ages through the fascinating world of bugs and their crucial roles in our biodiversity and daily lives. “Creepy Crawlies: Love/Hate,” is part of The Hunt Museum’s thematic focus of the year – biodiversity.

Our relationship with insects is often misunderstood, driven by a lack of knowledge about their vital contributions to maintaining a balanced environment. Insects are integral to the cycle of life, and disrupting their ecosystems can have profound consequences for our planet and our survival. The “Creepy Crawlies: Love/Hate” exhibition seeks to bridge this knowledge gap by offering interactive displays, educational packages, and immersive experiences that delve into the lives, habitats, and contributions of these essential creatures.

As part of the “Creepy Crawlies: Love/Hate” exhibition, select pieces from the Hunt Collection that prominently feature insects will also be on display. These artifacts highlight the historical and artistic significance of insects, showcasing their influence in various cultures and time periods. Through these curated pieces, visitors will gain a deeper appreciation of how insects have been represented and revered in art and history, adding another dimension to the exhibition’s exploration of biodiversity.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Interactive Displays: Visitors can engage with hands-on exhibits that bring the world of insects to life, offering a deeper understanding of their roles in ecosystems.
  • Educational Packages: Tailored for primary and secondary students, these packages focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, providing a comprehensive learning experience about biodiversity.
  • Workshops: These sessions will cover topics such as gardening and biodiversity, helping attendees appreciate the intricate relationships between plants, insects, and the environment.
  • Virtual Exhibition Series: Each month, a new chapter of the exhibition will be released online, expanding the reach and engagement of the exhibition’s themes and stories.

The main gallery will serve as the heart of the exhibition, featuring a storyline that guides visitors through the incredible diversity and importance of insects. Through carefully curated displays and narratives, visitors will explore how insects contribute to the health of our planet and why their conservation is critical.

Join us at The Hunt Museum for “Creepy Crawlies: Love/Hate,” and discover the hidden world of insects that play an indispensable role in sustaining life on Earth. This exhibition promises to be an enlightening journey, offering visitors a newfound appreciation for the small but mighty creatures that share our world.


“Creepy Crawlies: Love/Hate” is a collaborative effort, supported by local partners including the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport, and Media, Limerick City & County Council, and The Heritage Council. This partnership underscores the community’s commitment to promoting biodiversity and environmental education.

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