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Visions of an Unsettled Earth explores ideas of temporality, transience and transformation within our current epoch, the Anthropocene. The exhibition brings together new and recent works made by artists Debbie Godsell, Fiona Kelly and Sarah O’Flaherty and positions humanistic interactions as a continuous collaboration and negotiation with the dirt beneath us.

We live on a restless Earth and to think in terms of deep time; specifically in terms of land use can be a method of reimagining our problematic present; countermanding its hasty alterations and instabilities, with older, slower stories of making and unmaking. An awareness of the land brings us to consider our historical inheritance, mythologies, and the inheritance for the beings and aeons and that follow.

Godsell, Kelly and O’Flaherty describe landscape as a three-dimensional shared reality in which they explore through themes of land use, myth, entropic forces and the disintegration of matter. Landscapes are propped, underpinned and held, unable to support themselves under continuous weight. Visions of an Unsettled Earth is a timely exhibition examining how we as the ‘Anthro’ can support the Earth beneath us, whilst also supporting each other in unstable times. In the wake of what is lost, the three artists, materially and aesthetically rebuild and assemble the detritus of now, to narrate a concrete hope for the future.

This will be the third evolving iteration of collaborative exhibition between Godsell, Kelly and O’Flaherty. Through the success of their last public showing, all three Artists work were acquisitioned by the Crawford Art Gallery & IMMA for Your National Collection 2021 and since displayed together in Botanica, The Art of Plants, curated by Michael Waldron, Crawford Art Gallery 2022.

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