One Million Stars

One Million Stars: Weave a Star to Protest Against Violence

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One Million Stars to End Violence campaign

People across Limerick were invited to join the online launch of The One Million Stars to End Violence Limerick Project on 8 March 2021 (International Women’s Day.) This project brings local communities together to engage in a creative project that demonstrates support, and solidarity, with those who experience domestic violence. It also highlights the relevant support available through ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services. A consortium of local partners came together to deliver this project in Limerick including The Hunt Museum, ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services, CWELL, Mental Health Ireland and Limerick City and County Council.

A woman standing amongst origami stars hanging from strings

One Million Stars to End Violence was originally established in 2012 (in Queensland, Australia) by Maryann Pau Talia, as a means of condemning violence and demonstrating solidarity. Since then, the One Million Stars network has become global. Maryann used the creative act of star weaving to rebuild trust amongst communities. Since then, she has invited groups around the world to get involved. In November 2019, Siobhan McQuillan brought this project to Kilkenny and has since set up One Million Stars Ireland. Since then it has been extended to many counties, including Limerick.

The star is a symbol of light, hope and solidarity. By coming together through star weaving, we can collectively take a stand towards ending violence in Ireland. The Limerick project aims to weave 10,000 stars that will be displayed in a beautiful installation in the Hunt Museum during December 2021.

More Info about the Project:

For background on the One Million Stars Against Violence project initiated by Maryann Pau Talia, please refer to In November 2020, One Million Stars Against Violence Kilkenny, which is being rolled out by Siobhan McQuillan with Amber Refuge, delivered a 10,000 star installation at MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre. .

The Hunt Museum has teamed up with ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services, Mental Health Ireland, CWELL, Limerick City and County Council and Lawless Flowers to develop a One Million Stars weaving network in Limerick. With the arrival of COVID 19, and a dramatic rise in domestic abuse, we saw the launch of the #StillHere public awareness campaign to highlight supports for those experiencing domestic abuse. Through Operation Faoiseamh, the Gardaí are reaching out to victims of domestic abuse with the aim of keeping those who may be at risk, safe within our communities.

Through working together to weave and display our stars, we will show solidarity towards women experiencing domestic violence and highlight the supports they can access through ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services.

One Million Stars Installation and unveiling event

8th of December 2021

One Million Stars Project Limerick Each star symbolises Light, Hope & Solidarity.

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