Day Magee

Autotrinary by Day Magee, Digital drawing on Giclée

Day Magee is a performance-centred multimedia artist based in Dublin. Their work concerns the bereavement of futurity as per the subjectivity of a queer sick body: queerness navigated via fundamentalist Christianity; illness as manifest in chronic pain, and the lived enactment of these self-mythologies. They graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2021, having exhibited across Ireland and abroad including Galway’s Tulca Festival, before being commissioned by Arts and Disability Ireland. They most recently staged their first solo exhibition ‘Contraindications of the Cross’ as part of Pallas Projects/Studios’ Artist-Initiated Projects programme.  

In the behavioural repetition of enacting one’s self-mythology, speaking one’s psychological narrative into existence, the conceit of one’s individuality loses its meaning with each rendition. One’s singularity may in living give way to multiplicity, shedding personhood into a personified gestalt, between whose confluence of determinant forces produce the dynamic tensions and rhythm from which consciousness may arise. Analogous to the Holy Trinity, God creating humanhood in Their image, the artist here renders their subjectivity across three fundamentals of colour in three skulls. These compose the tiered veils of their mortality: the two values of something versus nothing, reflecting the binary that composes their digital inception, sustained further by their very opposition in the third entity – that of their relational interplay itself.

Title:  Autotrinary        

Dimensions: 59x84cm

Medium: Digital drawing on Giclée.