Laura O’Loughlin 

September – October 2022. Laura O’Loughlin is a multidisciplinary artist based in Limerick City.

Laura O’ Loughlin 

Laura O’Loughlin is a multidisciplinary artist based in Limerick City. Completing her BFA in Print Contemporary Practice in 2021 in Limerick School of Art and Design, Laura creates hand-coloured relief prints, screen prints, documentary photography (often of other creatives) and experimental 16mm camera-less films, with text often playing an intrinsic part in her work. 

Laura has exhibited both nationally and internationally, most recently as part of The Limerick Show in Ormston House, Limerick City in January 2022, and as part of the SGC International 2022 Conference: Our Shared Future, University of Wisconsin- Madison in March 2022. 

About the piece:

Bualadh Bos/ Buille Báis is inspired by our shared cultural connections to Vanitas and Memento Mori art pieces that can be found throughout history. While Memento Mori works evoke thoughts of our own mortality, Vanitas presented reminders of the fragility of life, the passing of time, as well as  mortality; however they also contained symbols of life and fertility, a thirst for human knowledge, and exotic objects that were very much sought after, such as a conch shell –  an object that would have been rare to find in the Netherlands during the Dutch Golden Age, when Vanitas works were popularised. Vanitas served to highlight the flaw humanity has in finding joy in the ephemeral and to ponder the afterlife.  The title of this piece is broken into two parts which are connected through their phonetic similarities; Bualadh Bos, meaning applause, refers to these fleeting moments of joy, Buille Báis, meaning fatal wound, serves as our ‘memento mori’.

Title:  Bualadh Bos/ Buille Báis   

Dimensions: 21×30 cm unframed; 34 x 39cm framed

Medium: Linocut and gouache on Japanese paper

Edition Number: 1/6 (6 available)

Price:  €120 unframed; €150 framed