The Artist and his Wife -

View of Kilmallock - John George Mulvany

Upright Figures/ Ideas for Boxwood Carving - Henry Moore

Abstract Figures - Henry Moore

Seated Woman - Alberto Giacometti

Breton Woman - Roderic O'Connor

The Artist and his Wife - Robert Fagan

Strickland Lowry

Trompe-l oeil of a Letter-rack - Strickland Lowry

Four Cats menu card, Plat del Dia - Pablo Picasso

Buste de Femme (recto) and Téte de Cheval (verso)- Pablo Picasso

Te Nave, Nave Fenua (The Delightful Land) - Paul Gauguin

An Atlantic Drive - Jack B Yeats

Landscape painting - Renoir

Suzanne Botterell - William Leech

Master of Ceremonies - Jack B Yeats

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