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Artist Statement

My work centres on our sense of place, where we as humans fit into the natural world due to our need to urbanise terrains and have control over our surroundings. I aim to put an emphasis on effectively the unobserved and often most striking elements of the natural world that are often overlooked and hidden in plain sight that can generally influence how we shape and alter our environment through utilizing bright and vibrant colours within various materials and mediums like painting, sculpture, print and photography. This current series of works is related to the idea of our connection with bogs, with Abbeyleix bog in Laois being the inspiration behind these pieces. I chose to use the mediums of photography to take direct snapshots of the bog as it naturally is, the cyanotypes to create imprints of the plant life endemic to this fragile ecosystem and as for the oil paintings, I felt they are strong examples of how I want to put an artistic emphasis on the unseen colours that occur within our native peatlands. 


Artist Biography

James Wellwood is a Kilkenny based artist that specializes in painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. His works reflect his keen interest in the colours, shapes, and patterns of the Irish landscape. Beginning his Art education at Ormonde College in Kilkenny, James completed his level five and six certificates in Fine Art before going on to study painting at Limerick School of Art and Design where he is currently continuing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting.

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