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Kvinna Silkscreen 30x25cm 2018

About Other Worlds

Join us at the Hunt Museum on Wednesday June 1 @ 6pm for what promises to be a fascinating discussion between the Artist Stephen Lawlor and John P. O’Sullivan of the Irish Arts Review about the otherworldly or liminal themes prevalent in Lawlor’s work. There will also be a screening of ‘Trespassers on the Beyond,’ a short film by Eavan Aiken.

In 2004, a seminal event occurred in Stephen Lawlor’s life and its reverberations can be detected in his work ever since. While staying at Herrgarden, a beautifully restored hunting lodge in the village of Uttersberg in Sweden in 2004, Lawlor had an otherworldly experience. Just as he was drifting off to sleep, a female figure formed slowly at the foot of his bed before lunging savagely at him. Lawlor, not the superstitious type by any measure, was deeply affected by the experience. He subsequently returned to the lodge with a film crew to make a short film on the haunting.

This short film by Eavan Aiken and crew explores the ‘in-between world’ at the hunting lodge at Herrgarden. Stephen’s encounter with the spectral lady was not an isolated incident as ‘the lady’ had appeared to other visitors to the lodge as well as Pernilla, the owner. The story goes that ‘the lady’ may be connected to a tragic event at the lodge centuries prior.

Stephen Lawlor’s exhibition In a Liminal State is currently showing at the Hunt Museum. Many of the fine art prints and oil paintings in this wonderful exhibition are for sale.

John P O’Sullivan is a writer at the Irish Arts Review and the Sunday Times.

Eavan Aiken is a director, visual artist, AV consultant and editor.

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