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Slide transparencies, Irish Hands

Slide transparencies, Irish Hands


A collection of 39 slide transparencies which belonged to Sybil Connolly. The subject matter of these slides are images for her book 'Irish Hands: the tradition of beautiful crafts' (published 1994). Each slide has a name and page reference written on it. Slides numbered 6-13, 19 are not in the book. 1) Irish delftware fountain/ jug, p8; 2) Irish delftware fountain/ jug, p8; 3) Delamain platter, p9; 4) Tiffany Weave, box, p16 approx.; 5) Celtic Weave, painting flowers, p16; 6) Celtic Weave, making leaves and petals, not in book; 7) Celtic Weave, leaves and petals, not in book; 8) Mosse, two jugs, not in book; 9) Mosse, jug, not in book; 10) Mosse, samples of dining ware, not in book; 11) Mosse, shelves of mugs and pots, not in book; 12) Paddy Murphy, red terracotta pots, not in book; 13) Tipperary Crystal, 4 glasses on table, not in book; 14) Baskets, bundles, p45; 15) Baskets, weaving, p59; 16) Black woven tweed suit, p82; 17) Woven blanket and basket, p94; 18) Close-up Helena Ruth, p95; 19) Helena Ruth at table, not in book; 20) Woven blankets, p99; 21) Aran sweater, p106; 22) 'Maker's mark' knitting, p110; 23) Gerry Dolan, p112; 24) Jacobs sheep, p113; 25) Cullen harpists, p117; 26) Lace making, p118; 27) Lace making, p118; 28) Mrs Dunwoody, Clones, p119; 29) Flounce of Kenmare lace, p123; 30) Ulster lace for HRH Princess Anne, p126; 31) Lace table mat detail, p129; 32) Lace mat with scissors, etc., p130; 33) Communion dress, p136; 34) Lace table mat with crystal wine glass, p137; 35) Flax, p138; 36) Linen hand towels, p142; 37) Pulling flax, p142; 38) Bronze age metal working tools, p158; 39) Agricultural field, p176-7.

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