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Artist statement

‘‘Painted Poems’ is inspired by a belief in the human at a time when much in the world feels disconnected. Many of us turn to art at a turning point in our lives, whether for consolation in loss or affirmation in love. In our culture, mental health is openly discussed but there is pressure to focus solely on positive emotions. ‘Positive vibes only’ is a popular mantra which can leave people experiencing life changing events, like sickness or grief, feeling isolated, judged, and pressurized to keep feelings hidden. ‘Painting Poems’ balances thought provoking paintings of explosive power with gentler nostalgic paintings which celebrate the ordinary miracle, taking you on a journey around many of the different aspects of everyday life.


Artist biography

Julianne Guinee is an oil painter, figurative and landscape based in Buttevant, County Cork. She graduated from the University of Limerick in 2011 with a Bachelor of Education. Julianne is particularly drawn to imagery and complexities of the human form and works where possible from life, whether hiring models for her studio or taking to the fields. She works in oils, her work from life informing her practice for her larger pieces completed with the aid of photography. Her goal is to create pieces that use beauty, technical mastery, and a timeless subject matter to convey a narrative that uplifts and reassures people experiencing grief or sadness that it is a normal, natural part of life but also that they are not alone. Julianne has exhibited throughout Ireland. The appeal of her work is eternal, unblemished romantic realism.

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